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Tyler & Ryin,

Thanks for your trip reports! I was glad to hear that you both had good times using similar sized kayaks. My initial thought was to do a trip more similar to Ryin's, in that exploring one large lake like Lows or Little Tupper while camping 3-4 nights would give me time to fish, swim, hike, and paddle to explore the area, without feeling pressed to get from point to point as my main goal for the day. That said, Tyler's idea of doing his trip with 2-3 extra days sounds like a fun option too.

Wldnrs as always makes some good points and thanks for the mention of Dawn. If I find myself on Lows I will certainly make a point to look for her.

Ryin, how do you like the Venture 11? I was actually looking at a used one a month or so ago as a possibility for my girlfriend. Seems like a nice boat but I didn't find much about them from what I can remember.

For all others, I appreciate you keeping this thread alive with new trip reports and ideas, especially those of you using kayaks to cruise the ADK.

Can anyone recommend any good day hikes around Lows,LT, or other areas where the trail can be easily accessed from the lake?

Thanks again.
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