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Hiking at NIGHT?! Dix Mt (from Round Pond)

Hello All,

I've climbed Dix Mt once before, about eight years ago. At that time we went in from Elk Lake, and really enjoyed the hike. However, at the top, the summit was so foggy, I could hardly see a hand in front of my face. I never got to enjoy the infamous views from this particular summit.

My buddy and I are considering a hike to the summit of Dix this weekend, from the Route 73/Round Pond TH. We'll be driving from Albany. Originally, I figured we would leave Albany around 5AM, be on the trail by 7:30 ish, enjoying the summit by mid-late morning.

I just had a thought (sometimes that is not a good thing)... I wonder how awesome it would be to see the sunrise from the top of a mountain like Dix? I've hiked at night, but never intentionally! Sounds adventurous, but maybe also a little boring and possibly a bit claustrophobic.

I'm thinking... We could leave Albany around 10PM, be on trail around 1AM. Hike through the night, reach the summit around 5AM, and enjoy the sunrise.

Is that a doable plan? Does the sun start to rise around 5AM? Does four hours at night seem like a reasonable amount of time to reach the Dix Mt Summit from the Route 73/Round Pond TH?

What are your thoughts? What am I missing?

Are there any High Peaks you have hiked at night to enjoy a sunrise from the summit? Any others you suggest? I'm sure Marcy would be cool first thing in the morning.

As always, thanks for your input!!!
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