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Start training the "place" command now, on a mat or towel or rug that you can take with you and put in the bottom of the canoe. "Place" is basically a down/stay in a particular place... except you make the "place" something that can move/go with you. Start with short spurts, 5-10 seconds at a time, depending on how she does. Practice 2-3 times a day in the beginning. Eventually work your way up until she'll stay in her "place" through an entire meal, then a movie, and so on. (Google "training the place command" -- the Internets will do a much better job explaining how to do it than I am!)

Once she's got place down in the house, move her "place" outside in the yard, where there are more distractions. Start back at short lengths and work your way back up. Then introduce the boat, just in the back yard, and see how it goes.

First time out on the water, just go to a local pond or lake. Go for a few very short paddles, let her out in between to have some fun and let off steam. And just work your way up. She may be a natural and and catch on quickly and everything I've said above will prove to be excessive.

Or she could be like our golden, who, after a summer and a half of being perfectly behaved in our pontoon boat, decided to take a running leap off it (while moving) in order to try to catch a seagull in mid-air!
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