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I just got back from Forked Lake and instead of bringing the Noah's tarp I splurged a bit (for me anyway) and bought a Nemo Bugout before we left. It's the exact same thing as the Noah's tarp, but it has bug netting that hangs down and zippers in the tall corners.

The zippers are configured with 3 sliders on each opening so you can suspend a hammock through the doors at any height and then close 2 of the zippers around the strap. The third zipper then operates as a normal open/close to get in and out.

I would love to give this a 5 star rating, but we destroyed one of the zippers on the trip. I didn't think we were abusive to it, but it just kept getting snagged and then started separating from the netting. I'll post some pics later.

Otherwise it was great. It shed water very well and because of the way it was designed, the water didn't just run down and soak the netting. The tie loops were strong enough for some pretty good wind.

It didn't come with enough stakes for guying out and staking down everything. That's ok though, most of us probably have lots of extra stakes. Also, if you use trees instead of some of the poles, you need fewer stakes. If you use all poles and make it free standing you need 6 for the minimum guy lines. If you want to pin the corners (you should) that's 4 more and then 4 more for pinning the midpoint of each side.

It also doesn't come with poles, but I used my extending Eureka poles and 2 trekking poles. One final complaint, the guy lines are black which makes them very hard to see during the day. They are reflective at night, but we had to tie a torn up bandana to them because people kept running into them in the daytime.

It's not lightweight for backpacking. At 7 lbs, for the 12x12 (they make a 9x9) without the poles, my 3p backpacking tent (4lbs), air mattress (1lb) and sleeping bag (2lbs) weigh about the same.

For a time Kelty made a Noahs' Screen which was basically the same thing.
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