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One quick question- Different sources that I've looked at so far show a completely different route for the trail where it crosses the plateau between Medix and Laurel Runs (on the northwest quadrant of the loop, towards the end as it is approaching Parker Dam again). Your (Jeff's) book and the Quehanna Trail guidebook both show the trail taking a more northerly route, ascending up along Bear Run and descending into a roadless section of the Laurel Run Drainage.

In contrast, the official DCNR map, the AllTrails entry for the trail, and the Purple Lizard Map all show the trail taking a more southerly route here, continuing south parallel to Big Medix Grade Rd, then bumping west up and over the plateau and down to Laurel Run where Blackwell/Saunders Road crosses the stream.

To further add to the confusion, on Open Street Map, both of these trails segments are labeled as the "Quehanna Trail."

Which is the correct route? And what is the deal with the confusion? Was the trail re-routed at one point?

And if it's a choose your own adventure sort of thing, it would appear that the northern route is the nicer alternative? I note there are two purple lizards along this section on the Purple Lizard map (both seem to correlate to overlooks on the edge of the plateau), and it also clearly has more trail mileage set in a roadless area.
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