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Bald Eagles in Western New York

I think it's safe to say that bald eagles have made a successful comeback in Western New York. Just 5-10 years ago, spotting one in nature was such a rare event that it was a bucket list item for me, similar to seeing the northern lights or volcanic lava in person. Now it's rarer for me to not see at least one on my weekend outings to any large body of water. Just this year alone, I have seen and photographed them at Iroquois National Wildlife Reserve, Allegany State Park, Zoar Valley, Kanakadea Park, Lake Ontario, and other places. They are all over the region and more prevalent than ever.

Yesterday, I spent a couple hours observing a pair of eagles on the Lake Ontario shore. One eagle spent most of its time in a tree overlooking the lake and would occasionally fly above it looking for its next meal. A second eagle accompanied it near the end of my stay. The pair was circling around the water for quite some time. They put on an impressive show for which I had front-row seats - with no one else around because the beach was completely empty the entire time I was there.

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