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The North Forest Trail Record

In 2007 my son and I ran into a paddler on the Allagash...on Chesuncook. We spotted his Hornbeck making the crossing to Gero Island towards the end of a very windy day. Anyone who has paddled that stretch knows how dangerous it can be in a wind. We helped him to shore after his crossing, shared a bit of bourbon with him around the fire and talked about his adventure. He raved about his canoe, a "beck". He planned to take it back for repairs after his epic trip. Chip was hammering! The next morning my son and I hit the water early. The upcoming carry is a PITA. Based upon previous experience I wanted to get it over with early. We were paddling a 17 1/2 foot W/C Traveler that neither of us looked forward to carrying. We weren't a third of the way to the carry when Ckip pulled up next to us in his beck. We weren't exactly coasting but he had closed on us in a flash and was not having any trouble keeping up. Apparently he was no slouch and his canoe was well up to the task. We helped him over a few beaver dams and over the carry. He hit Mud Pond with determination and once his canoe pulled free of the mud (really) he was gone in a flash. Here's a link to an article about that. We were in touch with him after that...Peter sorted out the cracks, breaks and damage FOC.
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