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I have three models of Hornbeck as part of my fleet hanging in my garage. I'll never forget the day I first met him. I was planning on a making a diagonal across-Adirondacks canoe trip back in 2005. I settled on getting a Hornbeck for light weight on the many planned carries. One spring day I went to Pete's with a friend who already had a Hornbeck and knew Pete. On the floor of Pete's "office" was a shiny black beauty. i said 'what's that?". He said it was an experiment, a hybrid carbon/kevlar layup. The very first one ever made. It weighed only a single pound lighter than the standard all kevlar. He said he did not know how it would perform or last. Then we went upstairs into the loft where he kept all the boats he had built that winter. Dozens of yellow kevlar boats hung vertically like so many sides of beef. Pete said, see why I want to try something different? So how much is the hybrid downstairs? "It will be $100 more than the standard". I'd like to try it out on your pond. I knew right away that I would take it home with me, and so I did.

After my trek from Boonville to Lake Champlain beyond Plattsburgh one hot dry July week, my boat had suffered a number of scratches and crushed cheeks. 185 total miles with overall 62 miles of carries including a very rocky lower Saranac River will do that. I took it to show Pete and he reinforced the crushed fabric. How much do I owe you, Pete? Nothing he said, "I would do the same for any customer."

So that's the kind of guy Pete was. I am sorry I had not visited him recently. I shall miss him. I'll strap my Hornbeck on my back and head on down the road to remember you as I easily get to the water. See ya later, Peter my friend.
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