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Also, I can share my experience on the Upper Works/Mud question with a caveat. When I used to go to the HP's more frequently before the turn of the century I was usually coming down from the North and never used the Upper Works entrance. After I moved south, I switched to almost exclusively to UW (maybe 2 trips from the garden). So I can't really compare UW to other entrances in modern times. Also, I can't say what UW used to be like, although that doesn't really matter.

My experience has been that Upper Works has always been a muddy mess for the earlier parts of the trip. The wide, flat sections of the trail encourage people to walk around it which just erodes the trail more and makes the mud worse. My advice is this:

Decide before you leave that you are OK with mud. Prepare for it. Short, close fitting gaiters and waterproof boots will be great. Then, just ignore the mud. Go right through the middle. Don't add to the widening of the trail. You will be happier and the trail will be happier.

If you haven't used gaiters before you will be surprised to find that there is a "time" component to their performance. Even though they don't seal to your boots, you can dunk your foot completely underwater (over the top of your boot) and the water won't get in if you get your foot out fast enough. The better the fit, the longer you have.

The mud advice applies to all areas of the ADKs. It's part of the deal, stay on the trail.
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