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Thank you all very much for the great tips! This forum is the greatest... it never fails. Thanks again.

While I am always flexible, I think we'll start the day with a hike up Cascade and Porter. We've done Pitchoff a few times and I agree it's a great short hike. Then, maybe spend the afternoon at the Wild Center. Or, maybe check out Mossy Cascade Falls. I don't think we've seen those before. The scenic flight sounds really cool too, but my wife is pretty fearful of flying in small planes. Maybe I can convince her. Or I'll drug her with Xanax. Anyway, sounds like a cool idea! I'll look into it.

Thanks for the restaurant tips too. We'll be sure to check out Lisa G's and Eat n' Meet, either this trip or the next. Always appreciate tips on grub.

Thanks again!
An adventure in the mountains is truly the poor man's therapy...
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