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Question Favorite thing to do near Lake Placid in October

Hello All,

My wife and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend in Lake Placid. We have always loved this area and typically enjoy it by hiking in the glorious High Peaks or snowboarding at Whiteface. We have climbed about 30 of the 46 and often find ourselves sleeping outside after a nice long day of hiking!

This weekend, however, I want to do something different. While we know the trails really well, we want to get to know the surrounding area itself better. We will start Saturday by enjoying a short hike up to Cascade Mt (ironic, but we've never done this one!). Maybe we'll add Porter too. Then, we are off to do something in or around Lake Placid, but I don't know what. I do know that we will be hitting up PJ's (LPP&B) for some Ubu at some point and we are sleeping at the Courtyard. Yeahya! Talk about easy livin.

My question is, what other activities do you all enjoy near Lake Placid? I was thinking of checking out the Wild Center near Tupper Lake. Any thoughts on that? Or maybe hiking into the High Falls Gorge. I hear it's cool, but some think it's a let down. Or maybe visit the Olympic Center? We've been to Lake Placid dozens of times or more, but never seen any of these attractions. I thought of checking out the caves in Pottersville, but alas they are closed until December.

Or, maybe we'll go to... ummmm... Any suggestions?! Please don't recommend shopping at the outlets. And no spa day at Mirror Lake Inn. Not my cup of tea... it very well may be my wife's, but definitely not mine.

Thanks for the help!
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