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First guy’s quote: From the thread “Hiking and Camping Certificate”
Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
Look at this forum, a great deal of people from different walks of life, who disagree on many things, yet respect each other for passion we share, Love of the Outdoors.
Second guy’s quote: From the thread “Amended Forum Rules”
Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
So if I want to call someone an idiot I either have to ask their permission to tell then that in a PM or else I have to call them an idiot publicly?
The sentiment expressed in the first quote is indicative of how great things can be on the forum. Respecting others in spite of disagreements is the kind of atmosphere that encourages the exchange of information and ideas.

The second quote although stated in the context of discussing the forum rules was a bit of a downer.

It can’t be denied that both guys have consistently presented excellent points of view, but to my way of thinking, the quote from the first guy was more enlightened.
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