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Stand-up paddleboard experiences?

I had always supposed that stand-up paddleboards were a no doubt fun but essentially frivolous waterfront pastime till I read the Daily Enterprise coverage of the Tupper Lake 8 Miler in 2019 and saw that they didn't do that much worse than the canoes, maybe something like 80% of top canoe speed. I am very fond of my canoe, but I had some back disc trouble that kept me from being able to sit in mine from mid-July till the end of the paddling season this year, and that got me thinking about them again. Being able to stand up instead of sitting is always much more comfortable for me anyway. I am thinking of renting one next summer for a half day or a day and seeing if I can learn how to remain on top, and what the overall experience is like. I've read that people do use them for paddle camping at times, though this seems to be a much less common use for them. I'd like to try making one someday, perhaps, too. I'll be very grateful to hear any thoughts people have about whether an SUP in Adirondack waters is a practical idea or not.
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