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That gully looks promising on the map. Right near the shelter too. Just added it to my ever-growing hiking wishlist, on the same line as the Conklin and Clark gullies. That would definitely make for an adventurous day or two...
I've done all 3 as a mutli-day backpacking trip. There's a fair bit of road walking but it's one of the more fun backpacking trips in the area.

If you want to fully explore Conklin from the top and bottom (they aren't easy to connect as there is a big, dangerous falls to climb up to get to the rim) as well as Clarks, then it's probably best to stay at Ontario County Park and drive over.

Fall is real nice, but expect low water.

Seems the busiest in summer these days as the majority of users are "creekers" and walk right in the water up to the 50' falls. The rim is less busy I'd say.

Originally Posted by hikingandwildex View Post
Thanks. Always good to have more options since those lean-tos in the WMA are off-limits.
You bet, looking forward to your pics. I'm not a great photographer but there's probably some potential in the area. Clarks and Conklin for sure.
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