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Originally Posted by DSettahr View Post
Would you be willing to publicly share some more of the specifics of our route? Start point, end point, particulars of the route (especially since some of the stretches along the way would seem to be pretty "choose-your-own-adventurey" with a decent number of options...)?
Definitely a choose your own adventure for the sections. I have been having fun scouting out different routes as weekend (or 3-4 day) trips.

The Sections break down with these general start/end points with approximate/rounded mileages for the trails I mapped out (these change after a scouting trip to reflect specific routes changes)

Lake Placid to Cranberry Lake/5-Ponds (57 miles)
CL-5Ponds to Stillwater Dam (51 miles)
Stillwater to McKeever (45 miles)
McKeever to Nobleboro (34 miles)
Nobleboro to Caroga (40 miles)
Caroga to Northville (31 miles)
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