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Originally Posted by DuctTape View Post
edit: and jackson, you and I still need to get together to do some of your BLT and my NPT-w.
Yeah, I know you and I have both posted thoughts before on the possibility of a longer backpacking trip across the Western Adirondacks. Nobleborro to Stillwater seems doable, largely on trail- but again, how much of that trail is actually maintained at present? (Also gotta keep your fingers crossed that conditions on the South Branch Moose River are conducive to fording. )

A combination of road walking, herd paths, and some bushwhacking could get a hiker further north still, into the Five Ponds Wilderness, and from there it would be possible to continue on to Cranberry Lake.

In any case, the issues surrounding existing maintenance especially are such that some scouting would seem to be essential prior to attempting such a hike.
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