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So here's the deal - the state does subsidize a ton of things. That's how our government(s) work, it's a mix of socialism and capitalism. Don't sweat the details of that too much.

If you like the idea, you have every right to support it. It's generally meant to support people in the Rome/Utica area.

I wouldn't rationalize it like "it's better than spending downstate", because that's not really how it works. Plus that sounds very us vs them... and again, not how social programs should work.

Oh, and to answer your question - there's little chance it will make money at 150 campsites, especially considering the very high initial capital investment. But really that shouldn't be the deciding factor - almost all our campgrounds, ski resorts, Olympic facilities are highly subsidized. It's just a fact of whether you support those things, or not.
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