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I'm still here, thanks stripperguy

West Canada is exactly what I was thinking! Glad to hear I might be on the right track. Sounds like Eastern (Pharaoh) has everything but is pretty heavily used, and SW (Ha-de-ron-dah) and NW (Five Ponds) are lovely & quiet, but no major peaks. (At least that's what the description on the "Discover the Adirondacks" books main page says.) West Canada might be the best of both worlds… yes?

I'm open to other suggestions, but I think I'll nab the guide & map for the West Central region and nail this trip down!

Dundee, yeah it's gonna be a haul! Good thing I like road trips. Indiana is kind of a dead zone when it comes to great hiking opportunities… If you want actual mountains the Smokies are the only thing within a reasonable drive (6 hours to the closest parts). We've done them many times though, and they are incredibly crowded on holidays (it's consistently the most visited national park).

PS- Stripperguy, where is that first pic from?

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