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I've read through everything I can find online about the regions, and I'm at a loss! Of course they all sound great to me. Seriously, how do you decide where to go in a place this big and beautiful? I'd rather just buy one guidebook as it will likely be awhile before I can get back here.

I came across this advice in another thread:

"A non-high peaks option would be camping in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness area with hikes up Pharaoh Mt. Treadwell or just doing loops from camp."

What do you think about that? Is that going to be a crazy busy area? Are we missing the beauty of the High Peaks? I'm thinking hiking in a bit with packs, then doing peaks/etc from a base-camp would be great, as my husband's not feeling in tip-top shape for this trip (i.e. he doesn't want to carry his pack up a mountain).

Any advice on how to choose a region, or suggestions for a specific wilderness area… or specific 3 day 3 night hike would be much appreciated!

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