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[QUOTE=WildYogiInTheWoods;232927]Thanks for the advice & book recommendations. I'm trying to find descriptions of the different regions of the park (including the overviews of the "Discover" series), so I can purchase an area-specific guide & map. I definitely get that the High Peaks region is the most popularů why is that? Is it simply the attraction/challenge of so many peaks to scale? Or is the scenery best there?


I generally stay away from the Wild Forest areas of the park. Some use of motor vehicles are allowed in these areas and they are sometimes overrun by illegal ATV use.

Wilderness Areas alloow no vehicle use and, IMO, more scenic.

The High Peaks has more trails than any other area, big mountains with sweeping views, more lean-tos and tentsites and the challenge of climbing the 46 peaks over 4,000' draws many people. Don't staw away from the High Peaks, but remember, you almost always have to share everything. You also must take a bear canister into the Eastern High Peaks and no campfires are allowed there.
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