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FYI: The official interpretation of the regulations is that anyone camping at a lean-to site needs to be sleeping inside the lean-to. Tents, hammocks, etc., are not permitted adjacent to the lean-tos. There is a good reason for this- it helps to minimize camping impacts to the surrounding area (in particular, it minimizes the potential for formation of satellite sites in the vicinity). And if it were permitted, popular areas would see "tent cities" pop up around the lean-tos on any nice summer weekend (and Pharaoh does indeed qualify as "popular").

YMMV on how a ranger will respond if they see you tenting or hammock camping next to a lean-to. Some are more forgiving if it's just one or two tents/hammocks, pitched in close proximity to the shelter (especially since an honest review of the regulations may not lead campers to realize that this interpretation exists). But some will immediately direct campers to take down tents/hammocks next to lean-tos if they see it. The DEC is verystrict about it in the High Peaks (and they sort of have to be there, given the level and type of use and the substantial potential for added impacts).

There is a designated tent site on Grizzle Ocean, on the east shore. It's set back from the pond (across the trail from the water and uphill a bit), but it's otherwise a very nice site.
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