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Same here. The one in the woods is near the dam just behind the knoll to the right of the dam. The one with the large boulder is on Third Pond right side, and had lots of cut trees which were used for a makeshift table bench, which you can barely see in the photo. I have a close-up photo of the table as well but did not upload that one to google. At least our site was once an obvious old campsite, However I did notice someone had cut several branches along the shore in order to clear a landing spot, was not us.
Agreed- sad to see the area is already being mistreated. Wish the state could put a human in there to be sure this kind of thing does not happen, but fat chance at that. So much for LNT. Hopefully once they establish designated campsites (I see several on the UMP map) this will cut down on the idiots' exploits and limit the damage to a few spots.
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