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Originally Posted by cityboy View Post
This road holds memories for me. I really enjoy the seclusion and scenery but it holds one bad memory. About 10 years ago someone intentionally ran me off the road. Fortunately I heard him coming and baled for the dirt. My daughter was about 70 yards in back of me and said he swerved to hit me. Unfortunately it happened so quick I was unable to get and ID on vehicle but I was sure he was a permanent resident.

I always try to go at least once a summer. Wish I were younger!
Wow, that's disheartening to hear. So glad you reacted quickly enough. You didn't say if you were running or biking, but regardless of which I will admit that there are a lot of blind curves and rises on the road. And yes, the remoteness and quietness usually affords you a hearing advantage for vehicular traffic. So far my experience is that everyone has given me a wide berth. Of course I always run towards oncoming traffic, too.
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