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Nice job! 24 days is quite a bit of time to be out on the trail. What time of year were you there? They had a very late snow year this year - still snow hanging around when I went through at the end of July.

I would second Hawk's recommendation for more in the SEKI area. There are HUGE sections of land back there and few people that travel the trails through it. There's even fewer people that travel off the trails in it. If you are looking for something different next time, take a look at the Sierra High Route. It generally does what the Muir Trail does, but it involves quite a few sections of off-trail travel that will get you into some stunning country and away from the crowds on the JMT. While the SHR involves off trail travel, the section I have done are pretty straightforward from a navigation point of view. At there very least you could combine sections of the SHR and JMT to make a different and possibly more interesting route than just doing the JMT again.
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