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This is outside my realm of solid understanding but I've always understood that there has been some speculation within the scientific community that birds (waterfowl) have played a role in the transport of fish eggs to land-locked water bodies that either have no outlet, or have a fish barrier on the outlet (i.e., a waterfall too tall to swim up). For years, the assumption was that eggs would become lodged in the feathers or on the feet of a bird when it landed on a water body where the eggs had been laid, then transported to the isolated water body when the bird relocated to that pond/lake.

More recently, however, there's been an increased focus on looking instead at waterfowl digestive systems as the mode of transport- i.e., the bird eats a fish egg whole while on the waterbody where that egg was laid, then relocates to the isolated water body and poops the egg out, still whole and alive.

A google search brings up no shortage of articles on the subject, with varying levels of support for or against the idea that waterfowl is somehow involved.
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