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Originally Posted by webby459 View Post
Lucky, I'm trying to understand parts of your post. You put quotes around externalities, implying (?) that you are skeptical of midwest particulates as a cause of acid rain and general pollution. But prior to that you say (moot).

If it were particulate pollution, partially from the midwest which I think follows from the direction of the prevailing wind, and those particulates specifically from coal plants partially or fully caused acid rain, then wouldn't increasing those outputs be kind of a defacto bad thing?

Without even considering the political element or lawsuits, at least and especially from our perspective, ostensibly NYers, wouldn't leaving the regs for coal plant outputs alone have been more beneficial?

Otherwise, I'm thrilled with species having more health in our lakes. I hope the trend continues!
I think I put then quotes around the word because for many it might be jargon, but I would definitely support litigation to make it cease, and it is likely that we'll see some slowdown of recovery. But environmental change doesn't usually happen rapidly, so some of the cause and effect drawn here (or that's what I'm hearing) may be a little premature.
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