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yes, I am worried about cracking and unnecessary tightening with ratchets. I have heard minor cracking even when I tighten cams more than I should. I don't want to take the risk with ratchets on multi-thousand dollar wood or fiber canoes. That much tension is unnecessary and I have never felt the need to go tighter than I can get with moderate pressure using cams. On wheels, two cam straps over the mid section of the canoe. And, depending on the particular canoe and shape, maybe a couple of additional stiff rubber straps from the wheel frame to a forward thwart has aways worked, even wile running and bouncing along over roots and rocks on the 90 mile race carries with C2, C4 or voyageur canoes. Attached and ready to roll in mere seconds.

Re: Harbor Freight ratchets. I attempted to secure a steel wood stove on a trailer I got in NH using these not long ago. Over a couple of bumps in the road and two of the straps broke. Luckily I noticed it before I got very far down the road and I had brought a few NRS cam straps in the car as backup along with some rope for trucker's hitches. A couple hundred miles later the stove was still secure in the same spot on the trailer.
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