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I did not notice any improvement whatsoever. This is in contrast to last year where a heavier and out of shape me noticed a definite boost. I dropped a total of 48 pounds on my diet and exercise program this year so I think the lighter weight dampened any effects plus I was already in good shape once I started taking the GF-9. I am curious about one thing. I hurt my knee about a month ago on a ride and hike to Lake Lila and was sedentary for some time. I just started speed walking again and I've broken all my records that I just set in May by another 7%. I'm not sure if GF-9 played a part since as I've said I don't feel anything. I guess my "test" is inclusive. In any event whether it was GF-9 or just being lighter I increased my overall biking speed by 2 mph over what I had done in prior years. I feel I'm in the best shape of my life so who really cares.
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