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Another example that maybe better (and more succinctly) illustrates my point: Take the DEC's regulations governing the regulation and prohibition of motorized boats on certain bodies of water. There's 74 individual bodies of water listed in those 19 separate regulations as having motor boat use regulated or prohibited. If you were trying to be disingenuous, you could say that the "DEC has 19 regulations that restrict access to public water ways." Depending on what you define as an individual regulation you could certainly argue that this is "technically correct," but any reasonable person would agree that it was misleading upon reading what the regulations actually say.

(If you wanted to be really disingenuous, you could count each body of water separately and say that there were "74 regulations restricting public access." Unfortunately, I wouldn't put it beyond some to try doing exactly this to prove a misguided point about "government overreach.")
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