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I usually don’t read really long posts, but I read this. Great story, nice job.

On September 11, 2010 four of us were on our way to Newfoundland to go moose hunting. When we came into Nova Scotia we stopped at the tourist center for a break. When my Uncle Warren (a U.S. Army Veteran) and I came out an elderly gentleman approached us with some plastic bags in his hand. He shook both of our hands, said he lived across the street and told us that everyone in Canada was thinking of their American friends on “Patriot’s Day.”

We stood there drinking coffee talking about where we were in 2001. Then he handed me one of the bags before we drove away. In it were buttons of American and Canadian flags, ribbons, more mini-flags, numerous business cards from that area and two CDs full of Civil War folk songs and Christmas tunes, including some by Johnny Cash. I had the feeling this guy fought in WWII. We Americans were not the only people affected by 9/11.

Also, the 75th anniversary of D-Day is approaching and what crosses my mind recently is if today’s generation would be willing to storm the beaches the way those brave souls did.
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