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New State Land near Lake George

I saw this in the 23 May Schenectady Daily Gazette burried at the end of a story on Stewart's convenience stores:

Lake George land

Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week announced the state has acquired an addition 1,436 acres in the southern Lake George basin, including the headwaters of West Brook, one of the lake’s major tributaries.

The state paid $1.7 million to purchase the land from the Lake George Land Conservancy, dipping into the Environmental Protection Fund to pay for it.

The Berry Pond Preserve, as it is called, straddles an off-the-beaten-path area where the towns of Lake George, Lake Luzerne and Warrensburg converge, generally southwest of Prospect Mountain’s summit.

The land will be added to the state Forest Preserve, meaning it will never be developed and will be open to public recreation.

The Lake George Land Conservancy bought it in 2008 to keep it from being developed, part of an initiative to reduce sediments and pollutants that run into West Brook, which flows into Lake George in the village. The parcel also connects to nearly 10,000 more acres on the west side of the lake that are owned by the state Department of Environmental Conservation, the town and village of Lake George or The Nature Conservancy and are open for recreational use.

“The Berry Pond Preserve is an integral part of both the local ecosystem and the region’s economy, and we will ensure it remains pollutant-free and accessible for families and visitors alike to enjoy for years to come,” Cuomo said in announcing the purchase.

The transaction also gives the Land George Land Conservancy new money to make more deals that will keep scenic slopes from being developed by those who care more about profits or having a scenic view than about the environmental consequences.
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