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Well, I did it.

Was up this weekend and was able to paddle a lot of boats...started with the new Swift Cruiser 146 and the Keewayden 14. I wanted to like both of these boats, and thought the Kee might be the boat for me, but something didnít feel right. Decent test too, as Lake Flower had a good wind Friday morning that kicked up some chop.
Then on to Placid to try the RapidFire again, which I had tried a couple years back and really liked. And I still did, but also tried the new 14í Oseetah. I think theyíre going to sell a lot of these boats...itís really nice. Tracks well, good stability and a good feel in general. Almost ordered one in the spot, but knew I wanted a full round of testing so went to Hornbeck the next morning.
Josh put me into the New Trick 14. Based on this thread, and the comments from the Swift and Placid folks, I had already written this boat off, but absolutely loved it. Came back to shore, dropped in 35# of weights and loved it still. Then tried the New Trick 15, with and without the weights. And bought one. He had one in stock, so itís ready...but I had started driving home and then made the decision and called back.

I pick it up in two weeks as I am already committed Memorial Day weekend. Very exciting and canít wait...thanks for all the advice and thoughts here, it gave me a lot to think about as I was testing them. In the end, no amount of reading otherís views will be the same as getting in a trying it yourself.
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