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No, that road is not open to bikes, even where the marked trail follows it. As far as the public rights are concerned, the trail is in a designated wilderness area. The fact that some private individuals have the right to drive the road doesn't affect or change what the public is allowed to do (FWIW, even though the lease camps must be removed by the end of this month, OSI/The Nature Conservancy have the right to drive that road until September of 2019).

Also, I'm not sure that the roadbed is actually a public right of way beyond where the marked trail turns off for Bradley Pond. Even with the new land purchase, the road itself still forms the boundary between public and private land for some distance, and it's not clear exactly where the boundary is. If the boundary is the north side of the road, then you've got a situation where it's illegal to walk the road beyond the turn off for the marked trail (despite it being legal to walk parallel to the road but in the woods). There's at least one situation on MacIntyre East across the main Upper Works Rd where this is the case- it's illegal to walk in one of the private roads that forms the boundary between private and state land but legal to walk parallel to it, a few feet off to the side.
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