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Hi Lucky, thanks for the suggestion on the museum. My wife and kids aren't too big on museums though as they're not ones to stop and read about what they're looking at. It could make for a good rainy day excursion though.

For Tupper Lake, i think the main point I was trying to make is that the more touristy ADK towns like LP, SL, and LG have their lakes as a focal point. In Tupper it's off to the side and not really incorporated into the town. Maybe that's a good thing for residents in that development is at a minimum.

As for Toronto, you're right that swimming is a no go in their downtown waterfront. I don't live in Toronto (nor would i ever), but the city residents are quite unhappy with their waterfront. They often cite Chicago's as a case study of a city that got it right. I've never been to Chicago but i understand there is much more water access than what is in Toronto.
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