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I've never hunted in a contest, and I don't know that I ever would, but these guys are hunters (regardless of whether or not you like their motivations), there is fair chase, and coyotes are extremely well established in the northeast (to the point where no amount of hunting contests are going to threaten their population).

They play a key role in our local ecosystem, especially when it comes to controlling smaller game and rodents. But just like any other game species, there needs to be a balanced management approach. Other than human hunters, there is very little controlling the coyote numbers. And their growing population has started to affect other species, like fox and deer. And before anyone else chimes in with the "coyote don't kill many deer" argument....they do go after the fawn quite a bit in the spring and have been known to take down adult-sized deer (though not as frequently).

I consider myself a "conscientious environmentalist hunter" and while this type of hunting isn't my cup of tea, I have no problem with it, so long as there are proper DEC oversight and regulations in place to ensure the coyote population stays healthy...which there are.

Also, keep in mind that while people with an outside perspective may view this as pointless and wasteful hunting, coyote fur has a decent market demand, so a lot of coyote hunters (competition or otherwise) do use parts of the coyote after the kill.
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