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It seems to be a common misconception that island campsites are free from bears. This is not at all true. A few year ago on Lows (not far from Lila), there was a then famous swimming bear, that for two years during camping seaon, would nightly swim a half mile between several islands and the mainland to visit and if possible raid campsites on the islands, then make the shoreline campsite circuit back to the starting point. I know he was successful with at least one Boy Scout troop who I knew, where he grabbed a food bag.
It's not so much that I thought the bears couldn't swim out there, but I am surprised to hear they bother. I've never in 35 years of coming to the Long Lake/Tupper area seen a bear outside of the dump (back when that was an attraction), but, I don't particularly want to start at my campsite on this trip either. To be safe I always use a bear canister, and appropriately. I also have an air horn and bear spray I hope to never use.
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