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A couple things I can think of:

LEOs are not widespread in the Adirondacks, but technically, if it's a town road, the town should enforce parking issues.

Just anecdotally last time I went to EHP I parked illegally along LOJ road. This is before they had put up the signs and everyone was parked there. I really didn't find the hike I did all that crowded at all. I've hiked a small mountain like Bald near OF mid summer and been in hiker hell. They increased the size of that lot substantially and I even parked on Rondaxe rd for that. I should have just went somewhere else. The parking area there is sized well large enough for crowding. Anyway, I don't know what happened in that parking situation on Loj rd, but it was not being enforced. I'm not sure if the towns OR the DEC have resources for this kind of thing.

Ideally the above would not be an issue with permits. You'd get a permit for a TH and the TH would be sized to accommodate enough vehicles for the permits issued plus space for emergency vehicles. Adjusting the parking areas would be a major area of cost, but the state seems to be relying on lack of parking to try to limit use instead of understanding how much use they want in each area and sizing parking accordingly. Again, some of these things were not issues 20 years ago so no one questioned it.

As to the ECOs, I'm not sure why we'd want a specific group to check permits. It would be ideal for anyone working for the DEC to check permits, detain a delinquent group and have the ECO(s) in the region issue citation and follow through with the enforcement paperwork.

I'd kind of envision that they'd have a few extra staff moved on to this until they could get it under control. Once the public knows about and respects the system, you won't need as much enforcement.

I kind of was equating this to speeding. Majority of drivers keep within 10mph of the speed limit where they won't readily be ticketed. A small percentage speed regularly but Troopers generally only "sample" this population a few times a month. It doesn't catch everyone or keep people from speeding, but it keeps the number of offenders fairly low and doesn't require constant monitoring. Perhaps that's false equivalency but I was thinking in terms of human psychology.

Edit to add:

More parking sizing examples: If you go to Lila parking lot and it's full to the brim, go elsewhere, it's sized about right for all of those sites. If you go to Lows and the parking is all the way out to Horseshoe lake you'll probably still find a good site even if you can't find a safe place to park.

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