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QT is a great trail. Lots of isolation, meadows, streams, some views, big rocks, cascading streams. Elk are becoming more widespread. Beaver dams are popping up more frequently. Yes, the Wild Area side trails have the best scenery, but the QT itself is still great. I particularly like the south side of the loop. QT has beautiful streams often with hemlock, rhododendron, moss boulders and cascades. Upper Jerry Run is gorgeous, as is Sanders Draft.

What is the best way to hike the trail? CCW is a good choice.

Where are good campsites located on this trail? I'll post more about this later. Little Laurel should have camping, or at least potential campsites.

What are some "must see" spots along the way? Crawford Vista is nice. Table Falls is unique, not tall at all, but cool when flowing well. A separate hike, but while in the area you should check out the Fred Woods Trail and Bucktail Overlook.

Any other considerations to be aware of? There are snakes and nettle in places, porcupine draft is known for its nettle. Unbridged creek crossings and wet areas.
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