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We were in last weekend and our experience pretty well matched what DS noted above.

We came in from the campground to Pharaoh via Grizzle Ocean and up and over Pharaoh and looped back around past Oxshoe, Crab, Rock Pond, etc.

No people until Pharaoh Lake, where every LT and most sites were occupied. As DS has noted in other threads, the lake gets a lot of use, but it can also absorb it. It didn't feel crowded. I can't blame people for flocking there, it really is a lovely place to set up shop for a summer weekend. We swam at three points along the lake, and were nibbled on by sunnys (?) at each of them.

One person on top of Pharaoh Mountain, which I have climbed three or four times now and am always surprised how long it keeps going.

One group at the Oxshoe LT and then no one until back at Putnam.

Rock pond would be a good place to camp, I think.

Water is low, mosquitos were bad, forest is lovely, lake swimming is great.
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