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Originally Posted by Creekwader View Post
No need to leave the campsite. Goto the end of the campsite road at the north end of the pond. I forget the site number but there is a marked trail that leads 0.2 mi from the campground to the West mt. trail. For a short easy flat hike, turn left and then make an immediate right onto the Shallow lake trail. You might get feet wet near the crossing of beaver brook but other than that its pretty straightforward. For a long and fairly steep at the end hike, turn right and follow the trail to West Mountain. Stop for a picnic lunch or a swim where the West Mt. trail meets Sucker Brook Bay. West doesn't have a 360 view but does offer a good overview of Raquette lake and the distant higher peaks. Mountain bikes will make the flat section of the West Mt. trail much more enjoyable.

Leaving the campsite, take the uncas road back toward Eagle bay. The Black Bear Mt. Trail is on the left a few miles west of the Campground. This goes up the backside of the mountain and is much less steep than the frontside approach described by others.

Thanks all for your recommendations! You guys really know your stuff! I think we will definitely be roaming around the Queer Lake area. It looks beautiful!

Also, thanks for these directions, they are PERFECT! I can't wait to explore right around the campground!

Side Note: Not that we are even considering hiking Cascade Mountain during this trip as it is 2 hours or so away, but has anyone hiked this recently? I remember hiking this when I was very young, probably about six, and the trail wasn't very populated. When I visited last year with my husband, we had plans to hike it but were persuaded not to because of how busy it is now. Is this true for all year round? My mom is dying to go back again but the man who persuaded us said "it's like Disney Land!".
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