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Originally Posted by Wldrns View Post
Methinks you obsess far too much about the quality of water you will find once you get here. I don't know where you got that idea, but don't worry about it.
You're right! I just didn't find much information at first but that is probably because it is well known up there. I am used to the waters around here and the population density leading to pollution impacts. Case closed on the water quality topic.

A few short portages wouldn't be out of the question, but no I do not have wheels for my kayak, yet. That may be something I will look into as they would come in handy for other trips as well.

Originally Posted by stripperguy View Post
Mr Ridger,
Now on to your trip desires.
Nearly any of the designated wilderness areas will satisfy your desire for solitude and scenery.
Would you prefer to combine some hiking with your paddling?
Would you prefer a loop route? Or would you want to do some sort of through trip?
Can you estimate your ability/willingness to carry, in terms of mileage?
And what about flat vs whitewater? And lastly, are you travelling alone? (this affects shuttles, safety)
Sorry to be so vague, but the truth is I am still weighing my options and thinking what I would like to do and where to go.

My idea is that I would be traveling with at least my girlfriend (she has a smallish kayak too, but we could take the canoe if we opted for that), and maybe a couple of friends as well, but more than likely just the two of us.

Depending on what we want to do, I thought we could explore several different areas and maybe do a short river trip (maybe part of the Northern Forest Canoe Trail) which could have some minor ww (Class I-II) but mainly just moving water. But the main journey would likely be an extended lake trip (been looking at Little Tupper area perhaps) where we could set up camp and explore the area by day. LT area looks like it might be a good choice due to Round Lake and Rock Pond at either end being accessible by boat, albeit with some beaver dams to cross.

Throwing in a day hike or two would be ideal as well to mix it up and gain a new perspective of the area. While looking around Lows yesterday I saw some cool pics from Green Pond mountain? but not sure about the trails there, seems like a small area.

If we do take the kayaks, which was the first idea, I would like to limit any portages to short (<300 yds) and firm carries.

I will get the paddlers map and keep looking into the different options. These are just my initial thoughts as I wait out the winter (mild so far) and plan for next year.

Thanks for the tips and advice.
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