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I too have camped overnight in the Adirondacks many times per year for decades and have never seen a bear in the woods. Like others, no sign of them trying to get my food either. I normally hang it all, but not always. My experiences are not in the high peaks (except in winter).

The bugs may be there but donít worry about them getting on your pack or tent. The permethrin tip is appropriate for clothing as a deterrent but must be done ahead of time. Some clothing is sold with such treatment and I do feel they work (somewhat). I have found Repel brand repellant made from Lemon Eucalyptus fairly effective but not nearly as long lasting as even 15-25% DEET. You will need more of this than you would DEET due to periodic re-application.

For your campsite, I have found the Repel sticks effective if upwind of them, though a nice breeze and campfire (though not in the High Peaks) also help a lot. Have a long sleeved shirt & long pants with you in case they get bad. A hat is a must and better to put the bug spray on than your head or neck Ė particularly if you find the need for DEET.
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