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Never saw bug repellent as a bear attractant.

You will be lucky to see a bear.

You can treat clothing with Permethrin. Why you need to spray bug repellent on packs and tents is beyond me. I've been camping in bug country since 1963.

I do use 100 percent DEET but very sparingly. It will dissolve plastics. Its meant to be used sparingly. Appropriate clothing goes a long way to avoiding the over reliance on bug repellent. There are lots of other bug repellents available that don't have the undesired effects of DEET.

I sense you have never been to the ADK's much and have some apprehensions. Bears go after things that look like food.. ie in July you will find them grubbing and berrying. More than half a bears diet is vegetables. Curiously there is anectodal evidence that bears find capsacin appealing. Thats the active ingredient in bear spray. Spray works by irritating the bears eyes. If you put the spray on the tent.. the capsacin remains and the bears eyes are not exposed. They do are attracted to the peppery scent. So don't do that.

You will probably need a bear canister and get a can of bear spray if you wish. But don't worry about the bug spray.
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