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I'm sorry I don't know the specific trail you're talking about, but I have been to the museum a few times and with young kids.

As far as Castle Rock, you know your kid the best. But if you don't know the trail, then it's hard to judge. I'd guess almost 3 is a little young, I know my kids would have not been able to do that, or most mountains up there at that age. Part of it is not so much that steeper part - it's not really even a rock scramble, more a steep, narrow rooted section that skirts the edge of the "castle". It scared my 5 yo niece when she did it, but she made it. I know it would scare my 4 yo boys, they don't like stuff that is steep like that. But it's not that they couldn't do it, it's more mental. I'd actually be more concerned with a young kid on the top where you need to keep a tight leash on them - it wouldn't be hard to take a long tumble off the "castle" cliff. I'd want to take a kid who was confident and who could do very good listening.

I would say close stuff like Bald and Rocky Peak could be done by young kids, but again, there are dangerous exposures and lots of people, so that kind of stuff I feel needs some maturity.

Personally I'd probably not spend much time "hiking" with a 3 yo. Maybe some short, flat trails but probably spend my efforts finding a good beach, or if they ride a strider bike, on some easy, short trails. 3 is a bit awkward and for my kids, they hiked but they were slow and distracted. 4 has been much better, and by 5 I think most kids have the maturity to do some of those easier mountains. But all kids are different...
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