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The Adirondack Mountain Club operates a campground at Heart Lake, which is probably what you remember. There are tent sites and 16 lean-tos. It's not really "far from crowds" as the campground gets a fair amount of use, but the atmosphere is generally relaxed and peaceful within the campground. It's a good family friendly place to camp and while you'll see lots of other campers and hikers, it generally isn't a place where people go to party and be rowdy. Some of the lean-tos are spaced out from the others- as I recall, lean-tos 2, 3, and 9 have some distance between them and the next closes site. You may want to look into reserving a site.

Another option is South Meadows Road just north of Heart Lake, which has about 12-15 free, first-come, first-serve campsites. These sites are generally spaced out pretty well (except for the sites at the end of the road) and are a better bet for having some solid distance between you and the next closest campers. You can stay at a site for up to 3 nights, and mid-week there's almost always a bunch unoccupied. However, these sites are technically in the Eastern High Peaks, which means that you cannot have campfires at them. They are also lacking in amenities, except for maybe an outhouse.

In addition to Mt. Jo (btw, it's Jo, not Joe, and is short for Josephine) a hike into Marcy Dam is short and easy, and definitely worth while as it will get you an up close view of Mt. Colden and a taste of the High Peaks backcountry.

Thanks, just reserved lean-to 5 for a few days mid-week in the first week October. Im hoping the weather cooperates and the leaves are in peak foliage, or close to it. We'll do Mt. Jo (thanks for the correction) and maybe Marcy Dam as well, depending on how the little freaks are feelin'.

Thanks for the info!
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