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Were there ever many Cougars in the ADK's? While its excepted that Cougars were hunted to extinction in the Northeast for such an apex predator that could and would hunt humans you really do not hear much about them historically.

There is no way that the Cougar if present could have been hunted to extinction in Eastern Canada. It is too vast and too remote. Quebec and Ontario acknowledge there are probably breeding populations but nobody knows for certain and there is little stopping the Cougar population there from expanding. That may be happening but it ain't happening very fast. Maybe it just is not the right habitat. One thing is certain, the Adirondacks are a lot more like Eastern Canada than Florida or the Black Hills.

If they come back on there own fine but I don't think anyone should be thinking about re-introductions. A Cougar is not a Lynx. A Lynx should be far more adaptable to the ADK's and that did not turn out well.
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