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Yeah, I hear you on the "always needing more gear" bit. I have 3 tents- a solo and 2 two-person tents. Plus an attachment for 2 of my tents, that greatly increases the size of the vestibule. Plus also 3 bug nets designed to be used with tarps- 2 solos and a two-man net. A backpacking hammock too. And 3 really nice ultralight tarps (including one with "doors" that hang down for added protection from the elements) and no shortage of hadware store traps.

Don't even get me started on sleeping bags, pads, backpacks, stoves...

The worst part is that I actually use all of it, for different trips depending on the conditions, who's joining me, our itinerary, etc. And, as you note, it's nice to have extra stuff to lend out to friends who are just getting started with backpacking, so it's easier for them to join you. So it's hard to justify trying to pare things down.
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