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Download All USGS Topo Data for ADK Park Here, plus others

I had some time while isolated at home, so I figured I'd give a gift to everyone on the site....some packaged map files I made from USGS source data. The maps are in Mapbox MBTILEs format, which can be loaded into apps on Android (LocusMaps & OruxMaps) and Apple (Maps Plus by Miocool) devices and used as underlying imagery with your GPS position and any other data loaded on top. They can also be loaded on a desktop in QGIS3, GlobalMapper, MBTILE viewer, etc. They can also be utilized as a source in MOBAC to create smaller atlases focused on specific areas, for many various devices.

The first file is 54MB and contains a (no topo contours) USGS 100K map from 1985 for the entire park, and also includes the blue-line boundary of the park.

The data for the above map was found here. Click on anywhere in the park, set the date range at right to 1984-1986 and you will find the source imagery I used. The blue line boundary data was sourced from the Adirondack Park Agency's KML file.

The second file is just under 1GB, and contains all USGS Topo map imagery for the park. The USGS maps are the circa 1950s/60s version. Zoom levels 9-11 are political county maps, level 12 is the same 100K map layer as the above map (no topo contours), 13 is the 100K topo imagery, and zoom levels 14-15 are the 24k (or 62.5k?) topo imagery. I did not incorporate the blue line boundary into this file.

The third file is 2GB, and contains all 1901 historical USGS topo imagery for the entire park. The data was sourced from here.

I hope you find the maps useful. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Cheers, and happy belated Easter!!! Hope everyone is staying safe!

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