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That's a good attitude tenderfoot.

The park has been part of my life since I can remember - like 4 or 5. How it has been has changed over the years though, and even though I live in the same neck of the woods that you do, I've managed to have some great years of visiting.

I found for me there were a few things that really made my experience better:

1) A good canoe/kayak - I spent most of my youth tethered to land or motorized lakes and never really got the appeal of canoes. But once I got it, I got it! The Adirondacks are a large part water and a large part of the experience only comes from a boat. A non-motorized canoe can get you more places and anyplace.

2) Decent camping gear - both backcountry and front country, as you say. I've been perfectly happy to do trips where I stay a few nights at a DEC campground, and a few nights doing a backpack or canoe trip, and if I have time a few more nights at a DEC campground. I've spent weeks only staying at the campgrounds and doing daytrips and many days out in the backcountry.

3) Adequate skis and snowshoes - I can't think of anything better than skiing in the park. And although snowshoes are not my favorite, I do appreciate them for winter mountaineering. And although I'd usually take a ski tour over a peak-bag, I do enjoy both very much.

And with those things, I think pretty much everything else you need is there.

I also really enjoy cycling, and although that's not always my first choice in the Adirondacks, it's another part of the outdoor recreation that I really love.

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