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As far as cheap places to camp . I camped / slept in my Suburban for years up on the property . Easy , cheap , warm and dry . The dogs loved it also and I miss it . The trailer/camper we thought would make life easier , but it doesn't . Between the snow and the mice , it takes a beating . If you're looking to get up there and cruise and crash , Authors in Dolgeville will be opening back up this spring . New owners also own the Italian place down in Little Falls . Past owners used to charge me $20 a night to stay there upstairs . They had 6 or rooms and bathrooms . Best part was they have a cool bar and resteraunt also . On absolutely miserable nights , We'll ususally end up down in Little Falls at the bigger hotel . They like my Shelties and usually charge about $85 a night . Stayed over in Herkimer last Oct for a week and a double room was $403 . Not bad as my Mom and sister rode along . I will say that available land is available in the area . I would love to put in a few primitive campsites on the property just to help pay the taxes , but a mile up the road you can camp free on Piseco/Pawley .
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